Monday, 3 March 2014

orchard st cleanse

Since I've been back from my overseas adventure my body has been screaming at me for rest. The chronic illness I am recovering from, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, flared up. Imagine feeling like you are permanently jet-lagged. And combine that feeling with the exhaustion of running a marathon and waking up with a hangover. That's the illness. So, after a month of feeling like I hadn't recovered well (and I bounce back a lot quicker these days!) I decided to take action and do a liquid cleanse to give my body the rest it was asking for.

For this cleanse, I chose to do an organic liquid cleanse through the Sydney-based company Orchard St. They work to help people Cleanse, Heal, Nourish & Grow through 3-5 day liquid cleanses, which are designed by a naturopath. Each cleanse (there are three cleanses to choose from) has six alkaline, raw vegan drinks including one green smoothie, one fermented tonic, two cold-pressed juices, one elixir and one nut milk. You can also add medicinal teas and booster shots to any cleanse to support your individual health needs. I love that Orchard St use Australian bush foods and wild weeds in their drinks, which not only boosts the nutritional value but supports local farms and sustainable farming methods, and I love that you are walked through the cleanse with uplifting emails the whole way.

My cleanse has been for 5-days on a combination of the cleanses and 3-days of immune boosting teas and shots. My mouth was sooo on fire from all the ginger! Each day I've been drinking 3L of drinks and 3L of water. With all that drinking and running to the toilet I haven't had much time to lament the fact that I haven't been eating solid food! As always, the first three days are the roughest, but apart from a feeling of nausea by the end of the day, I've felt really good on this cleanse. My digestive system is having a nice rest and my energy levels have been surprisingly stable. I've been able to study, go shopping, hang out with my cousin, sing at church, write this blog… and I'm not getting afternoon dips in energy! 

To add more impact to the healing effect of this cleanse I intensified my normal cleansing practices by doing daily oil pulling, coffee enemas and a colonic, dry skin brushing, bush-walking, epsom salt baths, clay face masks, journal writing, deep breathing, earthing, lots of sweet sleep, and by starting the day by drinking warm water with lemon juice to flush down probiotics, and ending with my dose of chlorella tablets. Keep in mind, I incorporate many of these into my daily routine anyway, but together with my cleanse, I've supported my belly, liver, kidneys, lymphatics, skin and nervous system to get rid of the nasty toxins and waste that have been making me feel so heavy and exhausted. And though it may seem full on, all I've had to do is be willing to rest for awhile. 

If you're looking for a way to rest your body why not check out the Orchard St Cleanse and see if it's the right fit for you. 

My Favourite Drinks… 

Day 1: Signature Cleanse - Green Guru

Day 2: Pure Cleanse - Myrtle Elixir

Day 3: Pure Cleanse - Green Ganesh

Day 4: Pure Cleanse - Turmeric Kefir

Day 5: Green Cleanse - Cashew Chai (at the back)

Quote for the Road… 

At the St Andrews Market with my beautiful cousin!


  1. This looks great Brooke! Love your blog :):) GO YOU!!! xxxxx

    1. Aw thanks Nat :) that's very kind of you to say! xx