Tuesday, 21 January 2014

letters from londontown... part two

Hello dear readers! Just a fun update from the not-so-foggy Londontown. The weather in Europe has been quite mild for this time of year. Even though it is now mid-January I've had to travel to the Alps to see snow during my trip! But, you probably didn't tune in to know what the weather's been like in the northern hemisphere (let me tell you though, I'm hanging out for some sunny southern hemisphere weather!). I'll be able to replenish my vitamin D stores soon as I am home in Melbourne by the end of the week.

Since my last blog post I've been living like a Londoner and spending time on the tube making my way around London. As you can see from the collage of photos below I experienced my very first infrared sauna and boy, I practically melted in there! Amazingly effective for detoxing your body through good ole sweat. Yes, sweat. More to come on that soon.

A highlight of my week has been my 3-day trip to Frankfurt, Germany to visit family friends, the Kiefer's. The sights of Frankfurt were shown to me in the best way possible - by Germans! We visited the German vegan supermarket chain, Veganz, the film museum, the Goethe House and the Goethe Museum. Goethe was a famous German writer and many of his texts are set to German art songs, or Lieder, which I've sung over the years being a classically-trained singer and all.

We explored the city and the cathedrals. I experienced how the Germans like to party - they set fire to sugar that drips into hot wine (feuerzangenbowle)! I was creative in the kitchen and answered many questions about veganism to many a curious German. Fortunately, two out of three of the Kiefer's I stayed with were vegetarians! Frankfurt surprised me with it's green parks, rich history and the koala I spotted in a teddy bear store. But what astounded me most is that I had to travel to Germany to learn the meaning of my German surname. Siede (pronounced see-dee in Aussie) means "boiling". My first name, Brooke, means "small stream". My parents literally named me "water boiling". How very bizarre.

Thank you Thomas, Marcella and Sandra for your warmth, generosity and excellent company. May we meet again one day! 

With love, 

Fruity painting by yours truly and riding around the dock with my twin sister

My very first infrared sauna and my fave place, Wholefoods Market

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Snapshots from my trip to the pretty city of Frankfurt!

With the beautiful Marcella at a market in Frankfurt

Book for a Look...

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